Voice of Witness is turning ten, and we're taking the opportunity to celebrate how far we've come.

Today—thanks to our community of supporters like you who have helped us along the way—we're proud to have a robust education program and an ambitious publishing schedule that now brings at least two Voice of Witness books into the world each year.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we look to you for support to help ensure the continued impact of our book series—sixteen books and counting— and our innovative education program. 

Over the course of a year:

* A gift of $10 each month funds postage, phone and other communications needed to reach potential narrators throughout the world

* A gift of $25 each month allows a Voice of Witness narrator to share their story  first-hand with a high school class learning about human rights and oral history

* A gift of $50 each month pays for translators for on-the-ground interviews around the world

* A gift of $100 each month pays for travel expenses to conduct in-person interviews with those who are brave enough to share their stories

Gifts of all sizes help illuminate contemporary human rights crises. Each gift is greatly appreciated and invaluable to our work. Thank you.

Special Thank You Gift for Voice of Witness Sustaining Donors

Give a monthly gift of $20 or more and receive a copy of The Voice of Witness Reader: 10 Years of Amplifying Unheard Voices, signed and with an introduction by Voice of Witness cofounder Dave Eggers.